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in this book you will learn about diffrent tipes of sound read more to finde information about sound.=D

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    all about sound        

by :: judit and axel          

 3.  what is sound ?

  4.  does sound travel ?  

   5.  does sound go thrugh things ?

    6.  is sound energy ?

    7. how do we know the diffrence bettwen sounds ?


    8. glossary

    9.  index

    10.  questions

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have you ever thot what is sound?  ... well in this book you will know what is sound. sound is vibration here is a tip... put two fingers on your throte and say something out lowd do you fell vibration also particles help the sound make well. there's different stuff to do or make sound. and that is what is sound.

what is sound

     this is a picture of     a tunning fork    

sound travels from a place to onother. it also travels from particles... try graving a stringphone and talking to it. your partner can hear what are you saing, you know how? the solids make it pass thru the cup. also sound can not only travel to solids, it culd also travel to solids,liquids,and gas.when it travels by solids is esear to hear because the particles are mor closer together. and when it travels by liquids its a little harter to hear because the particles are a little farther appart. also, when it travels by gas a so much harter to hear because the particles are more farther appart.

does sound travel?

sound does go thru things it goes thru solids,liquids,and gas.i know it goes thru things,try this talk thru a door does the other person hears what are you saing? if it does its going thru a door and the door is a thing so that is proof sound does go thru things. if  you live in a apartment do you hear  what your neighbors are saing? thare are four elements solids liquids and gas it is more esear to do in a solid liquids and gas are more harder.

does sound go thru things?

Do you think sound is energy? if you say yes you are right. particles make sound energy. sound is the movement of energy.thru substanses in logitudinal waves... sound is prudused when a force causes an object or substine to vibrate the energy is  for less  then other  forms of energy because there are somthing that are particles and we need energy like bats they need echolocation so they can grave there food it looks like this.

           IS SOUND ENERGY?

 click here to watch a video to learn more about how your ears work!

i know the diffrence betwen sound because there is low pitched and high pitched when its low pitched,it looks like this and when its high pitched it looks like this........

how do we know the diffrence bettween sounds?


           particles- particles are little vibrations that you can`t see and it helps make sound.     vibrate- somthing that moves back and forth.  energy-somthing that works by putting powor or with out power.  echolocation- the general method of locading objects by determing the time for an echo to return and the direction from witch it returnes, as by radar or sonar. pitched-the quality of a sound governed by the rate of vibrations prudusing it. the degree of higness of lownees of a tone  solids-particles that are close together.  liquids- particles that are a little apart. gas-parrticles that are really farther appart.                                                                                                                                                        


 vibrate[1,4,6]    particles[1,2,4,6]   pitched[5]  solids[2,3]   liquids[2,3]  gas[2,3]  energy[4]  echolocation[4]


 q. why do we need particles ?         q. is sound energy ?        q. does sound go through things ?      q. does sound travel?    q. what are the types of sound?

        question               Q and A 


      what is sound?

in this book you will learn about diffrent tipes of sound and how you make sound try to find out how you make sound =D